Referral & Broker Program

The Advantages of a Referral and Broker Program

While many financial institutions have a referral and broker program, not all of them offer the same advantages that our company does. By working with us, regardless of your project size, you will receive excellent compensation through high commissions and referral fees. Also, you will be able to establish yourself through high-quality and reciprocal relationships with brokers and referrals. Last, we provide certain protections through commitment letters, upfront fee disclosures and prompt payments after closing. Does that sound like something you are interested in?

Why Work Here?

With openings for regional salespeople all over the nation, there is bound to be a place for you here. Beyond our high-commissions, we provide versatile lending capabilities and have the resources to fund loans quickly, allowing you to reach your maximum potential. Also, we have a diverse team of skilled professionals eager to help your clients and vendors get the financing that is right for them. Finally, beyond helping your clients, we are here to help you succeed, no matter where you are located, through our financing and identity resources. Let us help you build the career and future of your dreams.

Are You a Good Fit?

We pride ourselves on the diversity and inclusion of our staff. However, sales is a challenging and rewarding job that does require a particular personality type to succeed. Therefore, to succeed with our company, you must possess a few personality traits.

  • Confidence: Sales is a job of rejection, and because of that, you need to have strong beliefs in your skills.
  • Motivation: Salespeople earn their living mainly through commission, which means that staying laser-focused is key to success.
  • Organization: Salespeople constantly juggle several clients at once, making organization critical.
  • Friendliness: You will be working on a team, and attitude is everything.
  • Funny: Humor helps build relationships, and you are getting into a relationship business.

Do these sound like qualities you possess? Then contact us today and schedule an interview.