Franchise Financing

Are You Ready To Finance Your Franchise?

Whether you are turning your business into a franchise or need financing to further develop an already existing franchise, Maimonides Capital Group has the franchise financing you need. Our funding can be used in a variety of ways and comes loaded with plenty of benefits so you can get the most out of our loans.

Details of Our Franchise Loans

We understand that your franchise has unique features and needs, which is why we do not specify the way in which you can use this financing. This loan can cover everything from purchasing and building properties to financing equipment and refinancing. Some of the terms you’ll find that are included in our loans are as follows:

  • Rates beginning at a low 6%
  • Available for first-time franchise owners
  • Terms lasting as long as 25 years
  • A maximum of 90% LTV
  • No repercussions for pre-payment

Finance Your Franchise Today

Starting or growing your franchise can be a financial challenge, but we are here to help. To begin your franchise financing, our experts can help you through the pre-qualification process that is fast and easy. After that is complete, we can provide you with the necessary application so you can be on your way to financing your business goals and creating a franchise that stands out.