Purchase Order Financing

Grow Your Business With Purchase Order Financing

Do you have ever have doubts about how you’re going to obtain the funding to fulfill your purchase orders? At Maimonides Capital Group, we understand the struggles that small businesses face when it comes to consistently having the cash flow to maintain daily operations and fulfill large customer orders.
One of the options we have available to our clients is purchase order financing. Whether you’re a wholesaler, distributor, reseller or producer, we make it possible to easily access the funding you need in order to deliver on your customers’ orders. Now, rather than worrying about where the money’s going to come from, you can spend more time running your business and growing your revenue.

What Are The Benefits?

While it may sound like another form of debt, purchase order financing allows you to grow your business without incurring additional bank debt. Other benefits include:

  • Fulfill larger orders and increase profits
  • On-time customer order fulfillment
  • Increase market share
  • Flexible options with quick decisions

Regardless of where you are, our program is designed to help you grow even when your cash flow isn’t ideal.

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