Small Business Loan

Is an SBA Loan the Right Financial Solution for Your Company?

A small business loan is a flexible form of financing that is designed to help your company flourish, whether you own a new startup or a successful corporation. It can be obtained for any type of small business, making it a desirable financial solution for every small company, regardless of which industry it is in. At Maimonides Capital Group, we offer SBA loans with competitive terms to help your business thrive.

What Are the Benefits of an SBA Loan?

Small business loans provide you with flexible funding that can be use in a wide variety of ways to enrich your company. Whether you need to consolidate debt, obtain inventory or purchase property, this type of financing acts as working capital to supply you with the funding you need. Small business loans also allow you to obtain company equipment as needed, including the types listed below.

  • Diagnostic tools
  • Heavy machinery
  • Printing and binding machinery
  • Medical equipment
  • Computers and software
  • Dry-cleaning equipment

How Do Small Business Loans Benefit New Companies?

Maimonides Capital Group offers loan amounts of up to $5 million to startup companies that need funding to launch. With both fixed and variable rates, we can tailor a loan to meet your specific needs. Financing of 90% is available with full amortization and 25-year terms, and we do not have pre-payment penalties.

How Do Small Business Loans Benefit Existing Companies?

Whether you need financing to keep your company operating successfully or you are interested in business acquisition, Maimonides Capital Group has a loan that can help. Our loans feature no pre-payment penalties with 15-year terms, full amortization and 80% financing. Your rates are fixed with no ballooning.

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