The Best Ways to Market Multi-Family Real Estate

Landlords often buy or renovate multi-family properties to rent out to people. These types of properties can include apartment buildings, duplexes, and homes that have been converted into apartments. No matter what type of multi-family real estate a landlord owns, they can all be marketed in similar ways.

Offer Tours

One of the best ways to get people interested in your properties is to show them off! Offering tours and open-houses is a great way to do this. Of course, it is best to have open houses in empty apartment units or buildings, as to not disturb the current residents. If a landlord wants to show off an apartment that is soon to be vacant, it is best to ask the current residents to clean up. Give them a specific time that you will be giving the tour. After all, tenants don’t have all day to sit around and wait for people to come into their homes to take a look around. By doing things this way, everyone can be prepared. 

Advertise in the Facebook Marketplace and Sales Groups

If you are looking to reach out to local potential renters, make sure that you are advertising locally. A couple of the best ways to do this online is to make posts in the Facebook Marketplace or sales groups; depending on where you live, your specific town or area code zone may have its own Facebook groups. With both of these options, you can post pictures, prices, and the address of the property. 

Once the property information is posted, anyone who checks the Marketplace or the group can see the apartment listing. In the Marketplace, you can choose to post it organically or pay for the item to be advertised further. Posts in Facebook groups are totally free to post as well. There is not usually a paid advertisement option within groups. However, if you message the moderator/admin of the group you may be able to work something out.

Whether you want to better market your multi-family properties in real life or online, you can use the above tips to help. Remember, you are the only one who can make sure your property looks great. Take appealing pictures and try to get positive reviews from past tenants to make your listing look even more attractive to potential future tenants. After all, landlords need to have a good reputation if they are to succeed!